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Publications authored by Dr. William Weiss

Apr 2019  Associations of pre- and postpartum lying time with metabolic, inflammation, and health status of lactating dairy cows

Apr 2019  Associations of postpartum lying time with culling, milk yield, cyclicity, and reproductive performance of lactating dairy cows

Nov 2018  Estimating digestible energy values of feeds and diets and integrating those values into net energy systems

Jul 2018  Effects of spray-dried plasma protein product on early-lactation dairy cows

Jun 2018  Evaluation of creatinine as a urine marker and factors affecting urinary excretion of magnesium by dairy cows

Apr 2018  Sources of variation in corn silage and total mixed rations of commercial dairy farms

Feb 2018  Effects of magnesium source and monensin on nutrient digestibility and mineral balance in lactating dairy cows

Feb 2018  Predicting nutrient digestibility in high-producing dairy cows

Dec 2017  100-year review: From ascorbic acid to zinc; mineral and vitamin nutrition of dairy cows

Aug 2017  Effect of partitioning the nonfiber carbohydrate fraction and neutral detergent fiber method on digestibility of carbohydrates by dairy cows

Jul 2017  Effect of source of trace minerals in either forage-or by-product–based diets fed to dairy cows: 1. Production and macronutrient digestibility

Jul 2017  Effect of source of trace minerals in either forage or by-product–based diets fed to dairy cows: 2. Apparent absorption and retention of minerals

Jun 2017 Short-and longer-term effects of feeding increased metabolizable protein with or without an altered amino acid profile to dairy cows immediately postpartum

Mar 2017  Short communication: Effects of supplementing diets of Holsteins with copper, zinc, and manganese on blood neutrophil function

Feb 2017  Source of supplemental dietary copper, zinc, and manganese affects fecal microbial relative abundance in lactating dairy cows

Dec 2015  Effects of feeding diets based on transgenic soybean meal and soybean hulls to dairy cows on production measures and sensory quality of milk

Aug 2015  Effect of feeding 25-hydroxyvitamin D 3 with a negative cation-anion difference diet on calcium and vitamin D status of periparturient cows and their calves

Dairy Research

Jul 2015  Effect of including canola meal and supplemental iodine in diets of dairy cows on short-term changes in iodine concentrations in milk

Jul 2015  Partitioning variation in nutrient composition data of common feeds and mixed diets on commercial dairy farms

Mar 2015  Effects of various starch feeding regimens on responses of dairy cows to intramammary lipopolysaccharide infusion

Sep 2014  A statistical filtering procedure to improve the accuracy of estimating population parameters in feed composition databases

Jun 2014  Invited review: Enteric methane in dairy cattle production: Quantifying the opportunities and impact of reducing emissions

Oct 2013  Effects of short-term variation in forage quality and forage to concentrate ratio on lactating dairy cows

Jun 2013  Effects of transient changes in silage dry matter concentration on lactating dairy cows

Jan 2013  Effects on lactating dairy cows of oscillating dietary concentrations of unsaturated and total long-chain fatty acids

Nov 2009  Varying type of forage, concentration of metabolizable protein, and source of carbohydrate affects nutrient digestibility and production by dairy cows


Publications authored by Dr. Chanhee Lee

Jan 2019 Validating and optimizing spot sampling of urine to estimate urine output with creatinine as a marker in dairy cows 

Sep 2018  Validating intrinsic markers and optimizing spot sampling frequency to estimate fecal outputs

Aug 2018  Effects of corn feeding reduced-fat distillers grains with or without monensin on nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur utilization and excretion in dairy cows

July 2018  Continuous 11-week feeding of reduced-fat distillers grains with and without monensin reduces lactation performance of dairy cows

Oct 2017  Effect of different concentrate diet levels on rumen fluid inoculum used for determination of in vitro rumen fermentation, methane concentration, and methanogen abundance and diversity

Sep 2017  Effects of illite supplementation on in vitro and in vivo rumen fermentation, microbial population and methane emission of Hanwoo steers fed high concentrate diets

Aug 2017  Effects of encapsulated nitrate on growth performance, carcass characteristics, nitrate residues in tissues, and enteric methane emissions in beef steers: Finishing phase

Aug 2017  Effects of encapsulated nitrate on growth performance, nitrate toxicity, and enteric methane emissions in beef steers: Backgrounding phase

Aug 2017  579 In situ and in vitro evaluation of a slow release form of nitrate for ruminants: Nitrate release rates, rumen nitrate metabolism and production of methane, hydrogen, and nitrous oxide

Sep 2016  Effects of Feeding Encapsulated Nitrate to Beef Cattle on Ammonia and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Their Manure in a Short-Term Manure Storage System

Sep 2015  Effects of feed consumption rate of beef cattle offered a diet supplemented with nitrate ad libitum or restrictively on potential toxicity of nitrate

Apr 2015  Effects of encapsulated nitrate on eating behavior, rumen fermentation, and blood profile of beef heifers fed restrictively or ad libitum

Apr 2015  Effects of encapsulated nitrate on enteric methane production and nitrogen and energy utilization in beef heifers

Mar 2015  Effect of dietary protein level and rumen-protected amino acid supplementation on amino acid utilization for milk protein in lactating dairy cows

Feb 2015  Effect of 2-hydroxy-4-methylthio-butanoic acid on ruminal fermentation, bacterial distribution, digestibility, and performance of lactating dairy cows

Sept 2014  A review of feeding supplementary nitrate to ruminant animals: nitrate toxicity, methane emissions, and production performance

June 2014  Effects of Dietary Protein Concentration on Ammonia Volatilization, Nitrate Leaching, and Plant Nitrogen Uptake from Dairy Manure Applied to Lysimeter